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Knitting frustration!

Many MANY months ago I started a felted helmet hat and put it down in 7/2011 when Fiona passed.   So in my quest to push back into knitting after completing my pin cushion I started work on the hat.  I really slammed thru it and to my suprise and frustration….. I ran out of yarn and I am at the top of the hat on agressive decrease rows!  Sooooo close!

Scott and I stopped at Joanne’s last night and I THOUGHT I got the right color to finish the hat, and pooh, I did NOT. 

So over the weekend while not thinking about how frustrated I was I started this cute “barn bag” from someone’s blog at Ravelry. 

I finished the bag and I have to attach a handle to the cute thing tonight.  But here is my thinking…… I am going to get some scrap wool and increase the needle size and stitches and see what it would be like felted!

You should have seen my Misha sprawled on my lap last night while I was trying to knit.   She was so sound asleep that she didn’t even care that I was knitting!  Raina came down after a while and curled up in the chair.   It was so nice and cozy!


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The mornings are getting brighter and the robins have started singing!

The girls (Misha and Raina) are up around 4:30am to go downstairs and look out the windows to check on the birds that are singing…..  and when I was making my coffee I heard more than one of the robins singing.  

I have been working on my felted helmet hat and last night I looked ahead on the decreasing part of the crown and I got nervous.    It made no sense to me.  So I have about another 2 inches to go before the decrease rounds start and I put the directions away!!!!  lol 

I brought the directions to work and sat here and figured them out….no problem!  That goes to show you that at night, when you are tired…even the smallest directions/patterns can look so overwhelming. 

So I am now ready to continue on with this hat and get it finished.  I do know that I will run out of yarn before it I finish and I will have to go to Joanne’s  on Saturday and get more.   It will be a miracle if I have enough!




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Hello new blog!

Hello!  I must be crazy – I now have TWO blogs.   I think that I will make this one a strictly knitting blog. 

I am pleased to announce that I am totally getting back in love with knitting now that my house is filled with felines!  

Just wanted to get this started, will do more serious knitting thinking for this one.

Currently working on the felted ear flap helmet hat I started at the beginning of the winter season 2011.  I am so glad that I picked it up again and will see if finished to the end.

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