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Thinking and stewing and pondering about the sock loom has brought me to this new line of action.    A dear, level headed friend made a good point on my blog post of yesterday that the trouble with knitting socks is that you feel great knitting the first one and then you are tired of it by the second and so you have a house filled with lonely socks with no mates.  

You know what?  I am going to have the SAME issue with the sock loom!   So, really, do I want to buy the loom to only continue to make lonely socks?  I don’t think so.

So, here is my new train of thought:

I found this book on Amazon.com for $4.83 and I believe in my HUGE stash of circular needles I have an Addi turbo 40 inch (which is what the practice pattern calls for).   The reason I have that needle already is because I tried this technique many years ago (before you tube) and  was totally frustrated!    I am feeling very pumped up having  just mastered the moebius technique – with the help of you tube (and Cat Bordhi).    I am sure there are lots of video helps out there as well as the wonderful people on Ravelry (which was also not around when I tried before) – I think I have a good chance of success.

I will justify this book purchase to my husband by telling him what I was originally going to do and how much THAT would have cost and how so much cheaper this book is than the loom.   It will  work.  It will work.

And honestly, I am darn excited that I CAN get my brain to do something different.   It may take me a little longer, I may cry a little harder, and I may say a cuss word…..  but with a strong will and a prayer…….  this old dog is learning a new trick!    I will keep you updated on this new adventure.

On to other things in my life;

Last night was hedgehog bonding night and since they both had poopy boots, they both got a foot bath.  I showed you pictures of my younger one Pippin but I thought I would post a picture of Tiggy (his momma) who is probably over three years old.

What a doll face huh?   That was one of the first pictures I ever took of her taken last January 2011. 

Tiggy is such a gem she will let me do just about ANYTHING  to her.  (That comes from months and months of being my sofa buddy  – her and I would watch tv together along with my darling Fiona (who as since passed away).  What a picture we made – Tiggy snuggling inside my bathrob, Fiona curled up next to me and all three of us snoring!      So, back to Tiggy letting me do anything to her……..

At our insurance agency we sell Progressive insurance.   During the summer last year Progressive was having a contest using your pet in a Progressive pose for advertising.   Here is our agency entry:

She did not win anything, a dog did!  Can you believe that my Tiggy didn’t win anything?   Tell me, how many agents submitted a picture of a Progressive hedgehog!??!!?  Really?????

Anyhow, I noticed my darling Tiggy is moving less and less, when she walks she just moves at the slowest possible speed.  Hedgehogs live AT THE MAX  5 years….. but generally they cross over the Rainbox Bridge ealier than 5 years.   I will continue to spoil, love and take care of her until her days are done.  She is just a lovely lady.


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About ten years ago I went through a knitting “stage” of  obsessing over socks.  I learned to knit them the traditional way with dpn and then fell in love with Cat Bordhi’s knitting socks on two circular needles.   I bought so much sock yarn that is has it’s own tub and I want to tell you it is FULL! 

 Even if I stayed totally addicted to knitting socks, I still could not knit up all the sock yarn!  Then the awful thing happened – I stopped being obsessed with socks and moved on to other knitting obsessions.   

My problem has been what to do with all the sock yarn.  I  was just about ready to put it up for sale on Ravelry.  Someone will love it I am sure.   I was in Joanne Fabrics  and just glanced at the needle section and was immediately drawn to this:

I want!   I see that it is $25 and currently not on sale.   I think I will use my 50% coupon and get that for a steal!   I think I would be interested in using up that  lovely sock yarn working on this loom.    And I figure that if I don’t like the loom I will definately get my money back by selling it here on Ravelry.

The monster inside my mind keeps talking to me….   do it, do it, do it!   I am such a weak person!!!   lol

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I am a little behind in my blog because I went home to visit my folks over the weekend.  My Dad has been in a nursing home for two years and my Mom is able to stay in their original home by herself.  My brother John and I return home as often as possible to “check” up on Mom’s needs etc. and of course to visit with Dad.  This August they will be married 66 years!  Isn’t that GREAT?  What a blessing and what a testimony once again showing how they earned the name “The Greatest Generation”.  Amen!

This picture was taken several years ago since it was taken in their home.  That is my remaining brother John next to me.   My oldest brother David passed away two years ago suddenly leaving my parents devistated.  You are NEVER too old to be devistated by the death of one of your children.

I am my Dad’s little girl……. I was the ONLY girl born to all the various family members so needless to say I was totally spoiled!!!  Nothing wrong with that right?     My Dad is proudly wearing his WW2 – 101st Airborne Scraming Eagles hat that I bought him for his birthday.   And on his chest is the original 463rd Paratrooper Infantry Artillary patch that he saved all these years.  He jumped out of planes with small cannons and he totally took out a German  tank at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.  He has and always will be my biggest hero. 

So I spent the weekend with my folks, helping Mom with things around the house (that we take for granted how “easy” it is to get something down from way up high, or just to go down cellar stairs to do laundry) and spent the afternoon sitting with Dad.   He has a bad infection on his foot, and he has very  little circulation so it is something that I am praying about daily that it will heal quickly.

Came home on Sunday afternoon and finished up my moebius shawl:

and started my moebius basket.  This will be felted when it is all done.   I consider this a practice piece because there are lots of mistakes and  holes (that will hide when it is felted).  There will be lots of wool left over to make another.

(Ew, my window is so dirty!)

My husband got home from church and we decided to go do a letterbox before it started to rain.   For details about our adventure you can read our entry in our letterboxing  at  pookahclan.blogspot.com.  I love finding spring plants in the woods that we explore  in and I was rewarded with skunk cabbage and Indian paint brushes.

This is a skunk cabbage.  It has a name like that for a reason……. it stinks when it is touched or disturbed!   They mostly live in creek beds that are semi dried up.  There were hundreds where the letterbox was.

Sorry for the blurry picture – these are the starting buds of the Indian Paint Brush flower.

Spring is my favorite season because it represents new life.  I love finding new life in nature…… it looks dead all winter long and then come spring it starts to come alive.   Much like how I feel during winter.  I am just now feeling like I am coming alive again!

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I inherited my green thumb from my Mom.  She could take a withered dead looking houseplant, love it and care for it and within a month it would look like a plant that could win a prize at the State Fair!  I LOVE plants in my home, especially during the winter months when everything is dark, white and dead looking.  I have them on my windowsill above my kitchen sink so when, in the darkness of winter, I can look at their green alive looking “faces” and be reminded that winter is a season, and it too will pass into another season (which is my favorite one!).     The Bible says this about seasons: 

For everything there is a season…….  Ecclesiastes 3:1

So, having said all that…… here is a combination that is NOT a good thing.   Put a house FULL (every room mind you) of plants and introduce TWO 9 month old feline sisters to the mix and you get this:

Not a pretty picture is it?

Look at this pretty face…….could something that sweet be THIS evil??

Thank goodness I work  in a casual small office with lots of windows and sills.  With the help of my husband, we loaded up all my plants and brought them to the office and spread them ALL over!  Since they have arrived,   many of our clients (we are a small insurance agency and we get a lot of client traffic ) have made comments about them. 

My favorite type of plant is the cactus, but I love just about everything green!  Let me show you a few of the plants decorating our office!

And then there is the window sill right nest to my desk filled with plants. 












Then my fave cactus and the one that gets the most comments from our clients who come into the office is my Brain Cactus.  I did not make that name up, it is really called that!  What do you think?

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One of the first signs of Spring I look for on our property are the pussywillows.  Ours look like this right now –










Because we had such a mild winter here in the Northeast and with the recent days of record breaking temperatures of 75* plus, these little rascals are popping out and will soon go to seed.    They call them pussywillow bushes, but really they do grow into  trees.   Most of ours on the property are trees and that makes  harvesting pussywillows for decoration very hard.  My husband has to get on the 8 foot ladder and climb up really high to get at the “good” ones.  The way the week is shaping up, I have a feeling that they will go to seed before I get him out to cut them for me!   We need to get some for the church window that my husband decorates during the various seasons. 








I am finally done with the knitting portion of my moebius cowl by Cat Borhdi and I am now doing the I-cord bind off.   I had to watch a youtube teaching video to remind me how to do it.  I haven’t done one in quite a while, but now I see the finishing results so  I think I will try to keep it in mind for future projects.   It gives such a nice edge to your finished work!  I will be at this bind off for a while having over 115 stitches!    (The above picture is NOT my project – just wanted to post a picture showing the I-cord bind off for anyone who might be reading my blog that is not familiar with it.)

I ordered the wrong size needles from KnitPicks and I sent them back last week for an exchange for the right size.   When the RIGHT size needle comes back to me, my next project is going to be a moebius bowl/basket. 


















Again, this is NOT my project – just showing an example.  The person who made this basket did a WONDERFUL job!   I hope mine will come out that nice! 

I am not getting as much knitting done in the evenings as I would like – the dilemma is good and bad!!!    As I mentioned above, the weather has just turned incredibly gorgeous so after work I go straight home, put on the sneakers and walking clothes and together my daughter and I hit the pavement and walk!  Walking that winter fat off!  








So by walking right after work (we usually try to walk at least 40 minutes)the evening starts unfolding at full speed  when Jessica and I  get back home.   It is time to make supper, do laundry, do dishes, tend all the critters (that includes those lovely hedgehogs) , call my Mom and ta… da…. I get to sit down around 9:00pm  and I try to go to bed at 10:30pm because I love to get up early in the morning for my appointment with God while the home is still asleep and the world outside is still.   So, all that activity allows me only a few minutes to knit.    That’s the bad side.  The GOOD side is that I am :  1. spending time with my daughter  2.  getting fresh air  3.  doing something about my extra winter fat that jumped on me when I wasn’t looking!!!   It sure is coming off slower than it jumped on!




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Here is what the wiki definition of letterboxing is:

Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in publicly-accessible places (like parks)[1] and distribute clues to finding the box in printed catalogs, on one of several web sites, or by word of mouth. Individual letterboxes usually contain a notebook and a rubber stamp.[2] Finders make an imprint of the letterbox’s stamp, either on their personal notebook or on a postcard, and leave an impression of their personal stamp on the letterbox’s “visitors’ book” or “logbook” — as proof of having found the box and letting other letterboxers know who has visited. Many letterboxers keep careful track of their “find count”.

Here is a picture of what a letterbox looks like after you have found it and are about to stamp.

Let me back up now and tell you a little about how my family got involved with letterboxing.  A family in our church that was also homeschooling like our family showed up one day on a “field trip”.  This hobby/activity involves learning to follow directions, read maps, read a compass and just get some fresh air!  Perfect homeschooling lessons!  That was back in 1998.  All our children grew up and the only ones left doing the letterboxing are us adults!!!!   It is a great excuse for us to stop all work and just relax and take a walk in the woods and look for a letterbox!  There is still adventure and finding the hidden treasure still makes us feel like kids again!

Letterboxes are hidden all over the world and there are thousands and thousands of LB’s all over this country!  There are probably some right in your hometown!  Here is the website where they are all listed nationally.  Take a few minutes and see if you can find some letterboxes in your area.


To get yourself started you need a stamp that represents YOU!  This is my stamp:

I am Pog Momma and my stamp represents something dear to my heart – my hedgehogs!  My husband’s stamp is a Celtic cross and he signs his name – A Celt for Christ.  Get the idea?

Next you need a notebook of your own – like this:

This notebook is where you put the mark of the stamp YOU FOUND and inside the box is a notebook by the person who made the stamp and you stamp YOUR stamp on.  Following me??

We have a regular backback filled with our stamps, paper towels, our ink pens and our notebook.  And of course the camera.    Here is my husband sitting on a log in the middle of the woods, stamping into the above notebook.  It is a lot of fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!  Give it a try and if you do join the fun, please let me know!!!!





Also, I have a blog all about our letterboxing adventures – check it out:






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While this blog is not intended to cause any controversy or to drive  away anyone with “excessive” preaching I must take a moment and share.  I am a Christian, my husband is as well.  Our children, when they were born, were dedicated to God and raised and educated (I homeschooled my children thru 12th grade) in our home.  As adults the responsibility to follow Jesus is now up to them.  Both my children have the Word and His love in their hearts, but they are not following Him.  

The pastor’s wife suggested this book to me to help fight the spiritual warfare to take back my children from the grips of Satan.  So far, it is a powerful read!

And of course, in reading that book, THIS book is read with it – in a more powerful way.  I am using it as a sword to cut the spiritual tendrals of satan’s power……

And I am holding  tight to this scripture:

Thus says the Lord:  Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord.  And they shall come back (I put my children’s name in there) from the land of the enemy.  Jeremiah 31:16

Thanks for listening to me.  I promise not to preach in my blog.  But I just started this book this morning and it moved me to know I have to work hard now to get my children back from the land of the enemy.

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