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Sorry, the excitement of yesterday’s bambi sighting superseded my WIP Wednesday!  I did attached the photo of my pedicure sock’s beginnings, but I have been slamming on it and I have now progressed down to the few inches of the foot.

I have been getting up at 5am to knit this and I have decided two things:  I like knitting at 5am in the middle of the morning songs of the birds AND I do NOT like this Paton pedicure sock pattern.   I will do the mate to this with the pattern so they match, but when that one is done I am throwin the pattern out!   

KathyB- in answer to your question about how I am ending this sock.  The pattern says to work the foot till there is  a total of 6 inches from picked up sts at heel  (I am making the women’s 9-10 size) then work a K1P1 ribbing for two rounds and bind off in ribbing pattern.  Then with a tapestry needle sew cast off edge together to form hole for big toe.  (Don’t know if I am going to do that or not.)      I intend to make several more pairs of flip flop socks but I am going to use my fave sock pattern and end like above!    One part of the problem with that Paton pattern is that it is written for DPN and I do 2 circulars (or Magic loop) and it was taxing my brain at 5am to convert the directions causing me to make mistakes and get frustrated!  LOL  I have converted patterns before, but not at 5am!


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My desk at work sits on the backside of the office building facing some woods.  I LOVE looking out at the wildlife that  wanders/flies past.   Most of my interesting sightings are birds – a nice cluster of Blue Birds have been entertaining me since spring migration.

Look what just walked past my window!!

She ran off when she saw my flash.  I took these shots through the window that is right next to my desk.

Got up this morning at 5am with the sole purpose of having some coffee and knitting in the wee hours of the morning while the rest of the house slept.   Surprise of all surprises – I actually got to knit about an hour in sweet silence!! 

I am working on a pair of pedicure socks – with Kory stretch sock yarn. 

I love the stuff!  This pattern was written with DPN and normally I don’t have any trouble converting a DPN pattern to 2 circulars or Magic Loop.  I plunged right into the turn heel and totally messed it up !!!  I felt the urge to panic, but I took a deep breath,  frogged out several knit rows and held my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It didn’t.  I picked up the beginning of the turn heel, redid it and it is perfect!   Work the gusset tonight and hope to have one sock  done by this weekend.  These were suppose to be socks for the road, but I would like to get them done so I can wear them ON the road trip! 

 Welcome back into being my favorite thing to knit socks!  I missed you!!!!

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This is my Dad – Donald J. Gallipeau.  He served as a young man (18) in WW2 in the 101st Airborne – Parachut Field Artillary 463rd as a jumping cannoneer.   He will be 87 in the end of June.  He came home from being in some horrific historical battles married a girl he knew in school, had three kids, worked three jobs and lived the American dream.  My parents will celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary, God willing, in August.

He is my hero.  Thanks Dad.  Thank you to all that served and are serving.

It’s not Veterens day, it’s Memorial Day – time to reflect on those in our lives that we loved, lost and now miss.  My Dad is still here on this earth, but his mind is gone so I want to dedicate my blog to him today remembering the loving, hard working, battle scared hero that never talked about his nightmares and demons around us kids.

I love you and I miss you.

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As promised I shot this photo of my second GREAT find at the thrift store,  this awesome and BIG knitting project bag.  I will mostly use it for road trips (like the one Scott and I will be taking in a couple weeks to Michigan).   I am taking multiple projects (before I leave I will tell you all that I am taking in greater detail).   Depending on the situations (MIL bothering me and I need to destress with just mindless knitting  or I am bored and need a challenge to keep me awake and focused) I need to  bring various projects.

Isn’t it lovely!?

Long weekend coming up.  Looking forward to knitting OUTSIDE on my deck, getting some letterboxing done, grilling, and working some more on the huge barn sale we are going to have when we get back from Michigan.   I need to drastically DE-CLUTTER my life.    (Inside and out!)   My husband and I are continually fighting over our “stuff” – he thinks everything is worth something even if it is broken/missing pieces etc.   I am a firm believer in a  really big FREE box and I toss a lot of stuff in there!   He sees me and goes and digs through the box,  puts a price tag on it and it goes in a different spot to be sold.  ARG!  It ends up that sometimes he proves me wrong and many MORE times I prove him wrong!

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I know, this is not a quote, but I couldn’t find a good one so this will have to do!

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In a couple weeks my husband and I will be heading to Michigan to visit his mother for a few days.   It is about 580 miles one way so there is PLENTY of time to get in lots and lots of road trip knitting!  Honestly, I don’t get a long very well with my MIL, I was never really “good enough” for her son but I figure after 25 years she needs to get over it!   But, she is 88 years old and lives alone and it is the right thing to do – regardless of how I feel.    I am way over how she feels about me – it just makes it difficult to spend quality time with someone who STILL doesn’t approve!     I solve the problem by taking LOTS and LOTS of knitting and my laptop with wireless connection!

The other bonus is on our road trip we go right past (I mean blocks!) the “mother store” of Mary Maxim (on the US side) in Port Huron, MI.  I know the catalogs are filled with arcylic yarns etc., but the store is ENTIRELY different and has lots of mark down bins filled with good quality wool!  I am saving my money for this exciting road trip!

Here is my WIP Wednesday update:

I finished last night the second pair of my over 4 year old socks I left stranded until I could see again.  Yipee!   I started a new pair for the road trip on my newly replaced Addi turbo blue cabled needles – using the Magic Loop method.  I love these new Addi needles – all my turbos are over 10 years old so the new and improved blue cables are just sooooo awesome and flexible!  Might have to replace all my old ones!

I also forgot before leaving the house to take a picture of the Wingspan shawlette (check it out on Ravelry) that I am also starting as a road trip project.  I will try and remember to do that tomorrow.  I have been so not interested in shawls, but this project looks spectacular done so I just have to give it a try.   Then I also got hooked in the excitement of the Color Affection bought the pattern and hope to get the wool for that project at Mary Maxim!  BAM!   Ravelry is so dangerous!   Love it!

I have to share with you my thrifty store knitting find.   It is thee most PERFECT sock project bag EVER!!   It cost me .99!

I could hardly hold in my scream of excitment when I found it!   It is just the perfect size for a sock in progress!   I have to take a picture of the other BIG knitting bag I found there as well – again, I was in a hurry this morning to get my WIP picture taken and out the door!    I will take its picture and show you.

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After sitting in my knitting basket for almost four years these socks are finished!


I was totally a sock harlot back then, making socks was about all I knit.  I have tubs full of sock yarn to prove my devotion to making socks.  What bothered me was how all of a sudden I layed them down in the my work basket and never picked them up.  What the heck was going on?

It wasn’t until my husband and I got new glasses did it come to me about my beloved sock dilema.  I couldn’t see them!  Now with my new glasses I am back into knitting socks and this is proof of that.  I finished this pair on Friday and I am  about to finish the other lonely pair in the next day or two.  I promised myself that I would not start a new pair of socks until my lonely pairs are done!

It feels so good to be back knitting socks!   And being able to see them!


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