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Trying to get better about making daily entries to my blog again.   So, here is something I started a couple months ago and never followed through on.  Quotes on Thurdays (knitting or otherwise).

I stopped at the library last night (yes, I still love to read “real” books not electronic ones) and got out a book by Christian author Max Lucado.   Friends have been reading his books and are always so blessed.    Thought it was time that I did too.   I got out a book on fear.   I am filled with lots of different fears.  Some of them I have “under control” – many are OUT OF CONTROL and paralyzes me!

I want to imagine my life without fear.  Especially as winter creeps closer day by day.   I have lots of anxieties about winter time.   

My quote is not from this book, but it is a Max Lucado quote.   Enjoy:

“If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning… Face it, friend. He is crazy about you!
Okay, knitting talk.   The crisp air at night, the days getting shorter….. makes me think about making sure everyone is ready for winter (including me!).   My dear Aunt Janice made me (and my girls) hundreds of pair of mittens over the years.   She has since lost her vision and the mitten supplied dried up.    Last winter I remember putting on the last pair of mittens Aunt Janice made me thinking that I better get my act together over the summer and knit more for myself (my girls won’t wear them anymore).  I didn’t.    Sigh. 
I am no stranger to making the body of the mitten ( almost like making a fat sock) and I will do my mittens with the Magic Loop.    What scares me is that darn thumb!  Someone tell me it is okay.   Feel free to recommend an easy pattern won’t you?
Did you read what I just said in that last paragraph?   “What SCARES me…..”  I guess I better get reading that book!   🙂

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Again I am sorry that it has taken me this long to get these pictures loaded and ready to put on the blog.    The State Fair is still going on for another week, but we went on Monday 8/27.  It was hot and it didn’t take me long to get grumpy!   The crowds got a little pushy, and by 4pm I told my family I wanted to go home.

Actually, I really wanted a Dunkin Donut iced coffee.  I got one about 5 minutes after leaving the fair grounds and I felt much better!

Here is my pumpkin pin cushion which got Honorable Mention.  (Excuse the poor lighting on these photos – left that job to my hubby and he said he felt too pressured!!!  lol)

This is my Dumbling bag.   Not displayed as nicely as I would like, but hey!  What is that saying?  If you want to do something right you gotta do it yourself!  

This is my hedgehog finger puppet.  Now, what disturbs me about this is the fact that when I entered him HE HAD A NOSE!  Now he doesn’t!    I have a feeling that he had a nose when they judged him but they people setting up the displays manhandled him and his delicate little pompom nose became detached!   I must confess that I am a little embarrassed because I don’t think he looks as cute as when I turned him in!     I will fix him when I get him home.

This is my final item – it was the first one I had finished back in the beginning of  spring.     Again the lighting doesn’t show its true colors etc. so when everything is home I will retake pictures in better light. 

There were certainly so many wonderful entries there and  many I thought so much better than mine!     I am humbled and grateful!    And I saw the socks that won…… holy cow – I will NEVER enter a plain jane pair of socks ever again!!!   The  winners were just  awesome! 

Thanks for looking!

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It is going to be a rather busy but nice weekend!   Unfortunately the temperatures are  settling into  the 90’s through into next week.   I was starting to get the feeling of fall, but not this weekend!

So tomorrow my husband and one daughter are taking a day trip to one of our favorite spots along Lake Ontario.   On the NY side of  Lake Ontario is the port city of Oswego.   Directly across the large Great Lake of Ontario sits Toronto, Canada. 

Here is the lighthouse in Oswego we love to visit.

Pretty huh?   We will letterbox while there. 

Speaking of letterboxing.  My hubby and I did this one the other night just as the sun was going down.   We had just sat down with a drink on the deck ( Tom Collins) and we decided we wanted to do a letterbox.  We poured the drinkings into two travel mugs and drove about 1/2 mile away and walked along the Erie canal and found a letterbox.    Sat on bench and finished our drinks.  It was so pleasant!

We did another letterbox a few days ago in an old cemetery and I took this picture of the structure at the opening of the cemetery.

The walk along the canal always brings little treasures (flowers, birds etc. ) and this time was no different.   Because of the dry summer the water level on the canal is low – it made for perfect carp spotting!   I always knew that the canal is filled with fish but was never able to spot them.    Look at these beauties – they are huge!

It was fun to watch them floating along without a care in the world.

Here is the progress on my Pocketbook slippers.

The wool is not really that pinkish….. and that bright.  More burgandy and a darker shade.

Monday we will be heading to the fair – can’t wait!  Pictures to follow!

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I know, this is Thursday,  but I have a work in progress to report.   I am still working on my fall dishclothes – BUT I wanted another little project to have on the side (you know how that is!).    Again, thinking of others instead of myself when doing my knitting projects I want to make Christmas presents.  

Kathyb inspired me with her bookmarks and while searching the pattern for those I found this adorable pattern for POCKETBOOK SLIPPERS.

These will make cute little gifts don’t you think? 

This little poem goes with them:

I think they are a cute idea to have in your purse when you go over to someone’s house and you take your boots/shoes off and just slip these on to avoid cold feet.     They are a great way to use up leftover yarn (which I have a ton of!) and play with colors etc.  I started one last night.  I got a late start so I didn’t get as far as I would have liked   😦

Spent the early part of the evening with my husband trying to counsel and pray with our youngest daughter Abigail.  She is now an adult and making adult decision that weknow are not going to be good decision (because we have been around the block a lot more times than she has).   Counseling  her now as an independent adult is delivered with much caution and prayer.   Giving her direction, but making it feel like it she is just getting our opinion!!  Does that make sense?

After she left, it was already 8pm and I still had to call my Mom and check on her and then make a quick light supper for the two of us.  Clean up, tend to the hedgehogs and plop – I sat down to knit about 9:30pm and therefore, only got a few rows done.    The pattern for these cute slippers is free at Ravelry.  Do a pattern search with Pocketbook slippers and you will be all set.

The Great New York State Fair opened this morning.   We will be going on 8/27.   Excited to see the craft building – I enjoy looking at all the winners!

I will take lots of pictures and share our day.  Suppose to be hot and sunny.  Hopefully going on a Monday the crowds will not be too big.  I get a little anxious in huge pressing in crowds of people – especially in small places/buildings.

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I am humbled and happy to report that I won some ribbons!    My hedgehog finger puppet won 1st prize,  the felted helmet hat won 1st prize and my felted dumpling bag won 2nd prize.   My pumpkin pin cushion received an honorable mention as well.   The only thing that was rejected was my striped socks.   That will be the second pair of socks I have entered over the years and they have all been rejected.   This time the note on the card said “Ribbing doesn’t match.”    I won’t know until I pick them up what that is suppose to mean!   

I think I will give up submitting socks to the fair – at least for several years and maybe that judge will retire!!!   lol

I see many other ladies from around here that are also on Ravelry have won ribbons – we are well represented!

On a more serious note, I went home to visit my folks.   Always a mixed bag of emotions after being there  — happy to see them and help where I can, but so depressing to see my Dad in the nursing home and how it effects my Mom.   It was my Mom’s 85th birthday.   I am so blessed to still have my parents with me in my life and I want things to be different for them.   I can’t change one thing (well, yes I can, I can love them MORE!) and that is hard to accept.

Isaiah 46:4

English Standard Version (ESV)

even to your old age I am he,
    and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear;
    I will carry and will save.

Ending on a chuckle – check out this photo I found.  This goes back to 1965 or so – it is our SCHOOL choir!  (I went to public school too!)  (How far we have fallen from allowing God in our schools now.)

I am in the middle row – third person from the left.  (Check out the white headband!!).    Everyone who sees this picture sees my daughter Abigail !

There, ending on a smile. 

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First, I must apologize.  On Saturday (8/11) my husband and I feverishly worked to tag and label etc my 5 entries loaded up to take out to the fair grounds for submission.    We were running late and in a hurry (and we are getting old!) and I never took ONE picture!  I am soooo sorry!    I told a friend and she said “Well, you can take a picture of them with their ribbons then!”  That was very sweet of her!   The waiting is on.

After dropping off the entries, my husband and I did something we have wanted to do for a long time!  We went and spent the day at  a  Scottish Festival!  My husand is filled with Scottish blood – Stewart, Currie (and then some Irish – Murphy).  I have a tiny bit of Irish (O’Brien) so I am a lover of all things Celtic!   It was, of course, sunny and hot (humid too) but it was held in a park that has rolling hills etc. and looked very much like the lowlands of Scotland. 

I could listen to pipe bands all day long – so the opening mass band parade had me in tears.

This is the beginning where the various clans march in before the pipes.

Then the pipes followed.

I will say that many people said that this was the least amount of pipes that have seen at this festival over the 71 years it has been held.   What a shame.

After the parade and blessing of the event my husband and I enjoyed the vendors with lots of meat pies, scones, and Scottish beer.  Yum!  There were sellers of Scottish items – from packaged food to supplies and clothing that the pipers might need.   80% of the men there were in kilts – formally dressed and many of them wearing them as if they were a pair of shorts with a t-shirt.   I loved it!    Found my mind mulling over the age old question though – “What DO they wear under a kilt?”   

My husband was so excited because he finally was able to talk to a woman who will alter his kilt.   When he had the kilt made (around 1975) he had the waist of 34.  Now, after being happily married to me for 25 years …..ahem…lol  His waist  is 42.   He has been wanting to get it altered for YEARS and I want to tell you — my hubby has GREAT legs!  He will look sharp in his kilt. 

In honor of him getting his kilt altered I promised him that I would knit him a pair of kilt hose.  He has commercially made hose, but I think it would be shameful to have a wife who knits and NOT have a pair of handmade hose!  Here is the picture of the pattern that is on Ravelry:   

This is my winter project.   I am looking forward to the challenge.   Better wish me luck!    That pattern is on Ravelry it is called:  Toirneach Kilt Hose by Aislinn Charlton-Dennis.

There was also a tent FILLED with women playing harps.  Another sound that I could sit and listen to for hours.

Music from heaven right?

Again, sorry about no pictures of my entries.  Win or not when they are back home I will take photos.   

Life should be slowing down and coming back to normal – VBS is over (and was a great success!) and the dog days of summer will be quickly gone and things will shift and change to the long dark days of winter……………  don’t go there yet Kathy!

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Soon I will take down the brown paper and you can see my entries.

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