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I woke refreshed this morning and started right out cleaning my kitchen and bathroom.  Did laundry and talked my husband to get geared up to go outside with me to work on getting our barn winterized.    He was up for the challenge!!!!!  🙂

We had started at the beginning of summer to have a garage sale and so my daughter and I started sorting etc.   We filled the lower level of the barn with “stuff”.  (I have been called a hoarder, but I am confident I AM NOT!)  (Hoarders don’t have garage sales….. hello!?)    Well, summer turned into the HOT one, and it just got away from us and ta da….. as you can imagine.   No garage sale ever happened.

So we cleaned the upstairs and made ready for all the things downstairs to go upstairs.  We have a big hay loft door on the barn so I stayed upstairs and Scott handed all the “stuff” up to me .   Now there is room for snow tires and snow blower etc. to be moved easily around down on the lower level.

SUCCESS!   I am exhausted and about to get cleaned up and head out for some shopping.  Tonight we are going to watch Johnny Depp’s  DARK SHADOWS movie!  I love Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies!!!  They are dark but funny (does that make sense?)  Going to try and knit while watching it, no promises!














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My blog friend KathyB (http://irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com/) talked about her love for Halloween in her recent blog post and she had really cool pictures.   I actually am posting today for her – to show her (and anyone else who is reading) how we decorate for Halloween – mostly in my kitchen.

My entire life my Mom (who had/has such an artistic eye and creative talent) decorated for all the various holidays/seasons. When I married, I honestly thought EVERYONE did that…….. so I started the tradition for my family.   I even took it a couple levels above her and made season curtains for the kitchen windows.   When we would entertain I would get the greatest compliments and comments about how cool it was that I decorated for all the various holidays…..  (just inside my home, I never did it outside except for Christmas).

Now that my girls are adults (and one is not living at home) I have toned it down, but still enjoy getting the different things out and putting them up.  I am getting feeble minded and so I forget from year to year how cute some of my thing are!!!    🙂

During the first year of our marriage my husband built this beautiful plate shelf over the big kitchen window I have.   At first I use to just have old plates displayed on it.   That all changed when I started decorating for the seasons.   Here is my plate shelf now.

(I took these photos this morning at 6am). 

The next photo shows the other window over my kitchen sink that shows the fall curtains I made and the little BOO! that my husband made (he is talented too!). 

The next photo is  a picture of a little shadow type shelf that my Dad made many many years ago for my Mom.    She gave it to me.   Notice the little hedgehog on the shelf just below the big candy corn candle?  It’s Miss Tiggy wearing her witch hat and with her broom.   That hedgehog stays on that shelf and is decorated according to the holidays as well!   Sick aren’t I?

There you go.   I love all the holidays because of the various decorations I have collected/inherited over the years.    My whole family expects to see each season/holiday displayed or heads will roll!!!!

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Okay, it is time to confess something.   Part of my silence with my blog entries is because I am in a horrible knitting funk.

There, I said it.    Two things I think are at the crux of this funk.   1.  I said I would do that craft show in December with friend and so I started knitting dish cloths, scrubbies and pocketbook slippers to sell.  Fast and easy projects to “get rich quick”  (hahahha, yea, right!).    I am so totally sick and tired of knitting for this craft show!    It threw me into such a non knitting funk.  2.  For my seasonal anxiety issues I go on medication from September thru March.   The changes in my “personality” and “psyche”  are very non-noticiable on the outside, but I feel the difference!  My sleep pattern becomes much more stable, my Restless Leg Syndrome goes away, and I seem to be able to cope better as the days get darker and colder.    BUT I do notice that I am a little more BLAH about my knitting and computer “crafting”.   Blah.   I finally settle in my chair to watch a little mindless tv at night, pick up my needles (on yet another dish cloth) and wait for my knitting lap buddy to show up.   When Raina settles, I put my needles down to pet her and smooze her – and I never pick them up the rest of the night.   I use to hurry with my night chores so I would have more knitting time – not so now.

So, there you have it.  Help!   When you get in a  knitting funk, what do you do?











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During my blogging silence, my hubby and I had a few little adventures that I recorded with my camera, but came home and never had the follow through to get them posted on my blog and to write.   So, in trying to retrain my brain, I thought I would share these photos.

We live in the foothills of the great Adirondack Mountains (the Olympic winter games of  1980 where held in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Lake Placid, NY) so in the fall we always try to get up into the mountains during the fall colors.   

It usuallys ends up that we go up when the colors have already peaked in bright sunshine, or we go up when the colors are just perfect but there is no sunshine and blue skies.

That was the case this year.  No sunshine but the colors were at their best I think I have ever seen.   So much red!  I am sorry that the photos don’t do it justice.

There is a small mountain that we go and ride on ski lift to get the pictures that are shown here.  I don’t like heights, I don’t really feel comfortable on the lift, but I certainly enjoy the view! 

It was cold and brisk as you can see from the other people all bundled up.

Way in the distance you can see the “high peaks” where the games were held deep in the heart of the mountain range.

Isaiah 52:7

New International Version (NIV)

How beautiful on the mountains
    are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
    who bring good tidings,
    who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
    “Your God reigns!”

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How are you?   It seems like I fell into the black hole of “no blogging” for the past month.  I did things, been enjoying the fall colors and cool temps, have been knitting, lurking while reading my fave blogs and Ravelry – and just blah on blogging.   Don’t “unsubscribe” to me,  it’s a funk and I know I will snap out of it. 

Thanks for understanding.  I am going to try and get back into the habit of saying something every day.    May just be a picture or quotes, but I want to get back in to the groove!



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