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1.   Anything is possible
when you believe in God’s power.
 2. Your team is paramount to your success (friends, family, staff, church,associates).
3. The impossible becomes possible when you start believing.
4. God has plans for your life that you haven’t tapped into yet!
5. A bad decision doesn’t have to become a bad habit. 
6. When you focus on your goal/work you can’t be stopped.
7. You can make some things matter more than they really do.
8. When you create momentum with quality work the wind brings traffic to you. 
9. Fear isn’t always
 apparent sometimes it’s subtle.  And can be deadly if left unchecked.
10. God gives you the plan but you determine whether or not it’s executed.
11.   You won’t make it to your goal if you don’t hold your course.
12.  You must fight to
stay positive in the face of negativity. That’s the only way
to get things done.
Christmas is over.   A deep winter has settled in.  Tomorrow is 2013 and I am ready to start another year!   
I am waiting patiently for my new Kindle Paperwhite to arrive.   This will be my first experience with the ebook/ereader and I am sooooo excited.  Feel free to give me book suggestions etc.   The first book to be loaded on my kindle is going to be a New King James Bible!
My father continues to linger/shut down – refusing to eat and not aware that we are even in the room.   I bought with my Christmas money one of these:
It is called a Survival Strap and it is made from parachute cord.  Since my Dad  was in the 101st Airborne in WW2 it is my HONOR to wear this for him.  
Sorry I have been so slack on my posts.   I am going to start with a new commitment for 2013.    I do read your posts – they are so wonderful and inspired.

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There is no doubt in my mind that without the Lord in my life,  I would be so messed up!   The silence in my blog is for the reason most people cringe and hang their head without words.    My 87 year old Dad is very sick and the family is taking one day at a time.  The decision is his as to whether he wants to get better (by eating and drinking and taking his meds) or by refusing all services and passing from this earth – probably feeling that enough is enough.   I don’t really blame him! 

Thank goodness I started early on the decorating and tree hanging etc.  The last thing to go up was the manager that came from Germany in the late 1800’s through my husband’s side of the family.   The manger characters  are very tender plaster casts – fragile is a more accurate description!    It is always a joy to put this tradition filled manger up.


Have you ever seen a live manager?

Like this one?


Or maybe this one?


You are all animal lovers, so possibly you have.  

This is Misha – and she believes that this manger was set up JUST FOR HER!

I love her boldness and her Russian Blue shaped face! 

The tree (not a real one – my oldest daughter almost was put in the hospital the last time I wanted and got a real tree for Christmas) stand is screwed down to a large board and the top of the tree is tied in two different places to make sure that those  silly sisters don’t pull it down.    No sentimental or precious glass ornaments are on this years tree!

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