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Well, it was my intention to write in my blog every few days but the beginning of August turned into a busy middle of August to……. coming to an end August!  The spring and summer birds have already left (robins, orioles, wrens, swallows etc.) and the winter birds are moving down from the mountains (chickadees, cardinals and nuthatches).  The leaves are losing their brilliant various shades of green and are starting to turn pale and on their way to starting the colorful fall show.  Apples are almost here.  Pears are here.  Peaches are halfway to being gone and grapes need a little more time.  Corn is at its peak – juicy and sweet and comfort food is slowly starting to come back on the menu. 

We had Vacation Bible School last week –  I was exhasuted every night from working and doing that as well.   In another post I am going to share about my weekend in Hershey PA at a Joyce Meyer conference.


 As promised, here is a picture of my sock.   I took this a couple weeks ago, so I am already down to the heel and working that.  I love the wool and the colors.  We are going back to Michigan in early Sept. so I will have to stop at Mary Maxim again on the way home!

I started a pair of tube socks while on the way to the Joyce Meyer conference and have been working on them as well.

The other photo I wanted to share is of my Raina.  That is the back of my chair that she is resting on.  When it is hot she doesn’t want to be touched or bothered.  She looks so comfortable!


Thanks ladies for welcoming me back.  I am still not quite in the groove, but I am okay and I am on my way! 



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You have no idea (well, maybe you do!) how very frustrating it has been these last six months. I have been working so hard to get myself out of a knitting funk that has been going on, well, almost a year. It has been very frustrating.

I will search for some tiny, quick project and I am not exaggerating here… I get about two days into it and BOOM!   I drop it like a hot cake.   My various starts would then lay in this messy little pile all around “my” chair.   I don’t know what “inspired” me, probably just totally ashamed as how my “personal space” looked, but on Saturday I did something progressive.

I took all my piles of started projects and ripped them all out.  (Yes, you read that right.)   Put away all the wool, needles and accessories.  If felt good to have a clean personal space again.   Maybe the clutter was just starting to effect my thinking process.  Don’t know.

In the quiet of the morning I sat in my chair enjoying my decluttered personal space and sighed.   Then sighed again. 


What was that?  I looked around.  No one.   I sighed again.

“Knit socks.”

Okay, I stood up so I could get a better look at the clean space behind my chair.  Nothing.  This time I didn’t sigh after sitting back down.   I started thinking.  Thinking about socks.

“Knit a  pair of simple socks.”

I headed to my craft room, feeling like I needed to heed this “command”.  I opened my sock yarn tub and my eyes went right to the last batch of wool I purchased TWO YEARS ago while on my trip to Michigan.  It came from Mary Maxim (on the American side).    This is what I bought:


I had never worked with this wool before.  The colors were stunning. 

I dug around in my needles and found my #2 (US) 32″ circular needle to do it with the magic loop technique.   Down the stairs I went.   In my pattern book was the very first sock pattern I used from Cat Bordi – classic.  Nothing fancy.  

I sat down in my chair, cast on 60 and started in the business of K2P2 ribbing.   Deciding to do it all the way down the leg to the heel.  I sighed and thought ..”was this going to last?”    I waited for the next instructional “voice”.  It never came, even the whole time I sat for a couple hours going round and round on my simple sock.   The colors are so cool!  (I will take a picture tonight and post it.)   I am pressing on and trying hard to push back the knitting funk that lasted way too long!

After a couple hours I decided that I should get busy with my house cleaning, very pleased to have that warm and fuzzy knitting feeling back again!  

“Blog.”       What?

“Write in your blog.”

No use in fighting with that voice!   Here I am!




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