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Well, it was my intention to write in my blog every few days but the beginning of August turned into a busy middle of August to……. coming to an end August!  The spring and summer birds have already left (robins, orioles, wrens, swallows etc.) and the winter birds are moving down from the mountains (chickadees, cardinals and nuthatches).  The leaves are losing their brilliant various shades of green and are starting to turn pale and on their way to starting the colorful fall show.  Apples are almost here.  Pears are here.  Peaches are halfway to being gone and grapes need a little more time.  Corn is at its peak – juicy and sweet and comfort food is slowly starting to come back on the menu. 

We had Vacation Bible School last week –  I was exhasuted every night from working and doing that as well.   In another post I am going to share about my weekend in Hershey PA at a Joyce Meyer conference.


 As promised, here is a picture of my sock.   I took this a couple weeks ago, so I am already down to the heel and working that.  I love the wool and the colors.  We are going back to Michigan in early Sept. so I will have to stop at Mary Maxim again on the way home!

I started a pair of tube socks while on the way to the Joyce Meyer conference and have been working on them as well.

The other photo I wanted to share is of my Raina.  That is the back of my chair that she is resting on.  When it is hot she doesn’t want to be touched or bothered.  She looks so comfortable!


Thanks ladies for welcoming me back.  I am still not quite in the groove, but I am okay and I am on my way! 



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So, what do you think is in here?  


You might think the “thing” is bigger than the picture shows, so I will give you a little hint and tell you the dimensions.  It is 5×7.

A mini photo album?

It has a cute zipper that has two little charms at one enclosure. 


Hmmmm, what else could it be?

One of those super super thin Bible?  (the reason for the tiny FAITH charm) 

A crochet hook case?

A double pointed needle holder case?

Wow, I am running dry with ideas.

Okay, time to let you know just exactly what is inside this little zipper case.

Here we go:

TWO  – (yes, TWO) Bibles

TWO – (yes, TWO) dictionaries

FOUR (oh my yes, FOUR) books

All of that in this little black case?  It’s a miracle! 




I love it!   I use to carry a tote bag everywhere I went – and it was filled with at least one of my Bibles (I love having different versions, but my fave is the NKJ.) a devotional I am doing and just a regular reading book.   My arm would hurt hauling this stuff around and also in that tote would be my knitting.    I am in a knitting funk right now so I am getting a little break.

Not so with my kindle!  Wow, I just feel so free and liberated!    My dear sister in the Lord and I meet just about every morning before we both head off to work to share the Word, friendship and pray for each other.  She has an ipad and it is loaded with Bible apps etc.   I was glad to pull my big old faithful Bible out of my bag, but I would always be so curious to watch that ipad pull up the text so fast etc. 

I could not afford to get an ipad – and the Kindle Fire HD was a little out of my reach, but my dear Momma gave me money for Christmas and my wonderful husband chipped in the balance and I ordered my kindle paperwhite right after Christmas and it arrived last Friday.

I can lay in bed with NO LIGHTS ON and because of its features I can read as if all the lights were on and not strain my eyes or bother my husband.   My arms don’t get tired trying to hold up a heavy book.   This honey is as light as a feather even in the case!  

Do you have an Ereader?  Knook?  Kindle?  Do you read on your ipad? 

We are un officially in a January thaw.   The days are getting a little longer every day.   I am starting to get excited now that Christmas is gone past and the decorations are put away.  Hurry spring, hurry!

Maybe soon I will start to knit!

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It was just my hubby and I “ringing in the New Year” last night.   The adult children had different places to be other than sitting with the old folks for New Year’s Eve!   That was okay with us.   We rented a movie from the local REDBOX (Premium Rush) which I slept through a lot of it.  (I blame all the shoveling of over 6 inches of snow for the reason of my exhaustion!)  It was a quiet night.

We (my hubby and my daughter Jessica) took in a late afternoon showing of The Hobbit.  We are HUGE LOTR and Hobbit fans – this movie did not disappoint.


I especially liked the music/sound track.   I think I will have to order a copy of that!

I have been giving my 2013 goals/resolutions thought all day long.   It is now 10pm and I think I better set  a few down “on paper”.

1.  To fill my heart, mind and soul with more of God.  When those things are filled and I am walking in His will, all things promised will fall into perfect place and I will have eternal peace and joy.    More of His word, prayer and serving others.

2.  To be more faithful in entering in my blog.

3.  To pick up my knitting needles and knit.   At this point, I don’t care what I knit, but I would like to get back to knitting socks or knitting items to felt.  I am deep in a  knitting funk and I just can’t seem to see to the other side it’s end.   Hope it comes soon.

4.  To read more – as soon as my new Kindle Paperwhite arrives.  (Which I am waiting impatiently for the holidays to go away so the postal system and delivery systems will hurry along and bring it to me!)

Thanks for sticking with me in 2012.

Happy New Year!

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Mine, hands down, is WHITE CHRISTMAS – the Irving Berlin movie staring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.












Since I grew up watching the 1940’s musicals (and adoring them!) most of my favorite  old timer movies are the musicals.  Irving Berlin’s are the best!  

It would not be Christmas to me if I didn’t see this movie and get all warm and fuzzy watching the “boys” doing their interpretation of the song “Sisters”.

Danny Kaye was such a talented man – singer, dancer, comedian – I loved almost every movie he was in.   Another fave movie of mine ( but not Christmas ) starring Danny Kaye is Hans Christian Andersen.   LOVE IT!

White Christmas was released  in 1954 but the influence of WW2 was still very strong in the early 1950’s movies…… it was after all, a world war and there wasn’t a family in most any country that was not effected by  WW2.   So there are some touching moments where Bing and Danny honor their commander.

Makes me always think of my Dad when I see these scenes.

And of course, everyone loves the closing scene with the full cast and Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”.    I get goose bumps when they swing open the huge barn doors to expose the falling snow!  



Have you see this movie and do you enjoy it too?

What is one of your fave Christmas movies?



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Today is my baby girl’s birthday.   I introduced you to her a  little while ago with a picture of her and her student from their music recital.     She is 22 today.   

I thought that I would share a picture of her when she was a baby.

And then to show you why everyone says we look alike – here is a photo of me when I was older than her but still…… can you see the likeness?

(I am sandwiched in between my two older brothers!)

I want to wish everyone reading my blog a Blessed Thanksgiving.   (Sorry dear Canadian readers- you already had your Thanksgiving!)   Though some are going to gather with lots of  family and friends and others will have quiet meals with a tiny circle of family and friends…….  it is all good.  Blessings abound and it is easy to have an overflowing heart of gratefulness as my eyes go round and round the table.     God is good and is faithful in all He provides.

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It will be a year on December 22 since we adopted two Russian Blue sisters – Misha and Raina from a rescue facility.  The whole litter (of siblings and their Momma) was found near some rural railroad tracks – living wild since their were born.  Their Momma was about to drop another litter, so the desire to capture and get everyone safe was very important to their rescue Momma Cindy.   

My girls will be 1 year and 9 months  old in December – it was believed their were born in March of 2011.  They were adopted to help me to heal from losing my 17 year old darling Fiona.   I have never owned two cats at the same time (I had another cat with Fiona but they hated each other, so it was like I only had one cat at a time.  Molly was my husband’s cat…….  I only ever wanted Fiona.)  so these girls sure are different but alike!

I don’t have favorites, but Raina is a love bug and Misha is still a very independent standoffish type of cat.   Misha has her moments when she wants to be loved on, but Raina is the one that is stuck to me like glue and is now my knitting buddy.  (When I knit!)

I thought I would show you a couple pictures of her new adventures.   My Fiona would do this as well, so I was not entirely surprised!

Here is a different version.

After taking these pictures I went upstairs and went to bed.  Someone was laying at the foot of my bed, but unless the light is on I can’t clearly identify which girl it was.

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I call her “My Baby!” when she stops by my place of employment – everyone knows I am talking about my baby girl Abby.   She will be 22 in a couple weeks.  My oldest daughter looks JUST LIKE her father, and Abby looks like my grandma, my Mom, and yes…… me. 

She works in retail part time, and part time as a music teacher at a music studio – teaching guitar, flute and bass guitar.     She gets her music talent from her momma…..   ahem!   I want to say that her abilities are far better than I ever thought of accomplishing.   I am Joan Baez and she is Zakk Wylde or Randy Rhoads………it’s that generation thing.

This photo was taken on Saturday at the music studio’s annual recital.  My Abby is on the right and the lovely girl on the left is one of her older students Amanda.  She did super!    It was a great recital and I walked away just so proud of my daughter!

She can make me so angry at times.  I remember the many years of homeschooling her and her sister and I would say, she gave me the most “trouble”.  Not academically, but in rebellion and attitude.    That sweet face doesn’t look like it would be possible to be a rebel does it?   Wrong!  🙂

As an adult she has made some decisions that her father and I advised against.  The decisions required her to move out of the home because they were out of line with our rules.   Though it was stressful, we still love each other and doesn’t make me any less proud of her achievements.   It is all part of growing, making mistakes, fixing mistakes etc  for the child AND  the parents!

The knitting funk is still hanging on.   I get a twinge now and then to make a sock but I never follow through.    Sigh.

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